My goal for this site isn’t a very large one. I actually have 2 small ones. My first is to make this a place that I can talk about the failures and successes in my life as it happens in real time. My second goal it to make this a place for people who are Young and Hungry to get together and bounce ideas off each other. Topics like organization, College to Real World, etc. Tips and Tricks that will help each of us become better in whatever we are doing in our lives.

About Me

Who am I? Right now I’m just an insurance agent trying to make it and by make it I mean… MAKE IT!! I graduated from the University of Georgia and had no idea what was in store for me. I used to complain about 3 classes in one day and now I complain if I have to work more than 80+ hours in a week. Not saying I don’t like working that much because man, do you feel accomplished. I’m saying it’s tiring! This blog will hopefully give inspiration to people out there struggling to get used to the ‘real world.’

What People Say

“One Day you will be great, You’re just going to do it a different way.”


“Sometimes you just have to put it in God’s hands and know he has a plan.”


“Don’t Be Average.”


Let’s build something together.

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