Peyote & Rocks

This right here?…. This is a topic. In this blog, I’m going to get deep into purpose, vision, and bringing things back to their place. I’ve been through a good bit in the last 9 months from screwing up to crushing a meeting, this is just one thing that’s kept me whole.

Peyote and Rocks.. I bet you’re thinking I’m crazy right now, but hear me out. Everyone in life has a vision at some point. Whether it’s sitting on the back of a yacht with a bunch of people and toys or sitting in the front yard with a spouse and kids? Either way we all have some type of vision. While life can be fun, it moves so fast and everyone needs their peyote and rocks to keep them focused.

Here’s a story of how I needed to get back to my peyote and rocks. It had been another long 80+ hour work week and I was defeated. I was mad at everyone and nothing was going my way. Luckily we had our weekly training call that Friday and what we talked about saved me. I wasn’t sure if I was going to head home in the morning to see my family because of the drive, but after Jeff, our boss, gave us the talk I knew I had too. Jeff told us about peyote and rocks. Jeff’s peyote is surfing and his rocks are his family. My rocks are my family and my peyote is the outdoors. After a weekend of peyote and rocks, I forgot about what was making me mad and was able to focus on my vision.

Moral of the Story. Sometimes stepping back from a situation and taking the time to breathe, reflect, and think about it can give you a clear mind to get back to what you really want.

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