My Daily Struggle

Do you have a daily struggle? I know I do and I start each and every day with it. That struggle is simply putting my feet on the floor. If only I could spring out of bed like my boss always does to the song “All I do I Win” everyday! That would make everything easier, but that’s just not the way it works. If you have trouble waking up in the morning I have a few funny and helpful tips to get you out of bed! Here are my favorite 3:

1.) Close Coffee

There is one thing in the morning that gets my mind turning and that’s coffee. The issue was is it’s all the way in the kitchen and I would have to get up. So much like Michael Scott and his bacon in bed, I put a small coffee maker next to my bed and started it as soon as my alarm went off. It worked for me because I immediately accomplished something and I got coffee.

2. Alarm City

Once the coffee close to my bed didn’t work I had to find a new way. I was very good at getting out of bed and getting back into it. Something about the bed always called my name. What I did is I went on Amazon and bought 5 less than $10 alarm clocks and placed them around my room. This way once I was on about 3 I was awake and by 5 I was alive…LOL. This one has worked since even on my most tired days.

3. Christmas Morning

Everyone remembers that feeling you got the night before Santa came. That feeling you got of so much excitement. Do you remember how fast you jump out of bed that morning? What if you could jump that fast out of bed for work? This is what I call the Christmas Morning Technique. You find something to do first thing in the morning that will get you excited and ready to attack the day!

Those are just a few and if you have some more please share with me! I want this site to be interactive so I’m going to try to set up a forum! Please subscribe if you found this either funny or helpful!

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