Am I Here for a Pay Check?

This is a question I always find myself asking. Why am I at this job? When it all comes down to it it’s for the money unless you are one of the lucky ones. The reason I find it so fascinating we say ‘here for the paycheck’ is because we spend so much time working on the things that surround us at work. Like the people, the office, the computers, the lighting… the list goes on.

I believe the secret to loving your job is to not only go to work for the pay check, but also for so much more. That’s when you start to have purpose and that’s when things become fun. That’s what I believe. I haven’t found my purpose yet because it’s still difficult for me to get excited over some of the work I do. I’m excited for what’d to come though because if it’s one thing I do have it’s Faith.

Does anyone out there have advice on how they found their purpose? I’d love to hear about some different stories.

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